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Unofficial Ensim Backup security patch

I took a look at the latest (patch #2: 08-03-2005 KB-2057) vhbackup.pyc from Ensim. Although they have fixed almost all the vulnerabilities, there is still an attack that could allow a site user to gain root access to a system.

I was able to decompile Ensim's vhbackup.pyc, and make modifications that I think fix the problem.

Pleae note that I am in no way affiliated with Ensim, nor have they asked or specifically authorized me to make changes to their code.

Hopefully, they will not object to one of their customers making a minor security patch to one of their files.

To install:

  1. Move vhbackup.pyc out of the way :
    mv /usr/lib/opcenter/base/services/vhbackup/vhbackup.pyc /usr/lib/opcenter/base/services/vhbackup/vhbackup.pyc.orig
  2. Put the uncompiled vhbackup.py in /usr/lib/opcenter/base/services/vhbackup/ :
    cd /usr/lib/opcenter/base/services/vhbackup/ ; wget http://www.certifie.net/ensim-backup-patch/vhbackup.py
  3. Restart webppliance:
    service webppliance restart

vhbackup.py MD5 :23907f9d0c8a96ca3e5288e08bcdd295

Unofficial modified version of uncompiled python version of vhbackup : vhbackup.py
diff between original (patch #2) from Ensim vhbackup.py