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Unofficial patch to add/edit dns TXT records

Pleae note that I am in no way affiliated with Ensim, nor have they asked or specifically authorized me to make changes to their code.

Hopefully, they will not object to one of their customers making a minor feature enhancement to one or two of their files.

To install:

  1. Put the three files bind.py, bind_domain.dtml, and bind_add.dtml in /usr/lib/opcenter/base/services/bind/ :
    cd /usr/lib/opcenter/base/services/bind/ ; wget http://www.certifie.net/ensim-stuff/ensim-txt-record.tar; tar xf ensim-txt-record.tar; rm ensim-txt-record.tar
  2. Move bind.pyc out of the way :
    mv /usr/lib/opcenter/base/services/bind/bind.pyc /usr/lib/opcenter/base/services/bind/bind.pyc.orig
  3. Put the two files 'add_txt' and delete_txt in /usr/lib/opcenter/bind/ :cd /usr/lib/opcenter/bind/ ; wget http://www.certifie.net/ensim-stuff/add_txt ; wget http://www.certifie.net/ensim-stuff/delete_txt
  4. Restart webppliance:
    service webppliance restart

bind.py MD5: 142a57833928b8d92135de46c6c3a48a

bind_domain.dtml MD5:i 2c8ba793838987884a61552bbbad43d7

bind_add.dtml MD5: 5885b56d1c3c45381a99aed33400fff7

delete_txt MD5: eabf5f623034cc62e5c7e2dc57a833d3